Guidelines & Expectations

Responsibilities and Expectations of Fiddle-icious Members


  • Have fun, make new friends, and learn!
  • Donate $3-$5 if possible. If not possible, come and participate anyway.
  • Help set up and put away chairs and tables.
  • Make sure we have the correct contact info for you, our email list is our main way of communication.
  • Be respectful of the instructors and staff when they are speaking. Even small noises add up and interfere with others from being able to hear what is being said, as well as making the instructor’s job much more difficult.
  • Be as quiet as possible when arriving and others are already practicing.
  • Be organized in order to minimize noise and save time during sessions. Have your music in order. Our sessions are time sensitive, particularly for the instructors.
  • For the concerts: Please make a decision to play or not by August 1st. Although this is a skill-friendly environment, the concerts are events that the public pay to see. The concerts are also a reflection of the quality of entertainment our organization is capable of producing. Please keep this in mind when preparing for the concerts and don’t attempt to do something way above your ability.

Main Session (7:00)

  • Be responsible for downloading the music from our website.
  • Practice the material outside of Fiddle-icious sessions. Get together with someone else, take private lessons etc. Whatever works for you. The pace is going to be faster this year.
  • Make strides to advance your playing. Try to learn a little more by ear. Challenge yourself to a melody instead of a harmony part. Set small goals for the season and ask for help achieving them. There are many talented musicians in the group who would love to help you.
  • Take advantage of the written and recorded material supplied! (Downloaded from the website.) Or bring a recorder to the session!
  • Decide by August 1st which parts of each tune you can play best and work on improving those parts for the concerts. This is important to the overall quality of the finished product.

Review Session (6:00)

  • Join in as quietly as possible when arriving. Be on time if at all possible.
  • Be respectful to the leaders.
  • I expect that by the 4th week after the tune has been taught that the tune/set is practiced only at dance speed! It’s fine if you don’t get all the notes.

Step Dancing (6:30) & Singing (6:15)

  • singers-portraitJoin no later than April 1st.
  • Be on time if at all possible.
  • Practice on your own using the supplied music. (Downloaded from the website.)
  • Please do not ask the instructors to spend a lot of time on material taught at previous sessions. Do your homework!
  • Team up with another member who can bring you up to speed if you miss some sessions. Take notes or record the sessions to help you remember what was said.
  • Remove yourself from the concerts if you cannot do the songs or steps designated.

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