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Wave and Spade

Tunes in this set:
.  The Wave and the Spade
.  Starry Night (Maybe I Might)

Wave &Spade-Starry Night-Melody
Wave &Spade-Starry Night-Harmony
Wave &Spade-Starry Night-3rds&5ths
Wave &Spade-Starry Night-Cello
Wave &Spade-Starry Night-Viola
Wave &Spade-Starry Night-Accordion
Wave &Spade-Starry Night-Bowed Bass
Wave &Spade-Starry Night-Flute
Wave &Spade-Starry Night-Harp
Wave &Spade-Starry Night-Piano
Wave &Spade-Starry Night-Score
Wave and Spade.mp3


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