Instrument Care

Robert T. Miller

Violin Restoration – Bow Maker
By Appointment:
286 Lincoln Street
South Portland, ME 04106
(207) 799-8909

Robert T. Miller has been in business as a restorer of stringed instruments and maker of bows since 1981. A student of Hans Nebel and William Salchow, Robert has continued his studies of the art of restoration through the years and attends annual workshops which focus on specific facets of restoration. He has worked with all instruments in the violin family as well as providing restoration and repairs for the double bass. He works on a variety of instruments and bows from student grade to fine antiques.

In addition to repairing and restoring both instruments and bows, Robert also makes bows for sale. He also has some instruments available for purchase. He stocks strings, rosins, mutes, chin rests, shoulder rests, and other accessories as well as cases and gig stands. He attends auction previews so that he has an understanding of the market and current pricing. He also has many colleagues in the restoration and repair field who share knowledge and provide instruments for sale. Robert also has a limited number of instruments available for rent, always set up for maximum playability.

When one visits Robert with an instrument, Robert will take time to examine the instrument and give it a check-up. Regular checkups and maintenance are essential to keep one’s instrument in good health. Since weather and use affect an instrument it is important to check for open seams, cracks, bridge integrity, and health of the fingerboard, nut, saddle, tailpiece, and pegs regularly. Accidents do happen, and dropping, banging in its case, or rough handling also impact an instrument’s playability. Bows also need regular maintenance and periodic rehairing. Robert can repair or replace tips, screws, eyelets, and restore the bow’s frog. Because Robert takes time for education as well as examination of an instrument he schedules appointments. Robert works flexible hours for maximum client convenience, and will make every effort to provide emergency services to established clients.

Has your instrument and bow had its annual checkup?

Instrument: Cleaning, check of working parts, check for cracks or open seams
Bow: Rehairing, examination of button, screw, eyelet, and tip

Don’t let neglect turn a minor matter into a major repair. Call Robert at 207-799-8909 to schedule an appointment or consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

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